Karma Yoga

Karma yoga or selfless service is the foundation on which all yogic practices are based. It is a means to inner purification and spiritual growth. No meditation is possible without a preliminary training in karma yoga. It is the practice of learning to work selflessly for humanity, with no attachment either to the ego or the result of the work, offering the work to a higher power as an act of worship. It generates unity and purifies the heart. It fosters humility, love, compassion, sympathy, mercy, tolerance and forgiveness. It is the practice of service to humanity.
The Karma Yoga Programme
Based on the ancient gurukula system of education, the Karma Yoga Programme at our Ashrams worldwide offers immersion into the yogic lifestyle and requires full dedication by the participants. Along with twice daily attendance at satsang and the daily practice of asanas and pranayama, the day is filled by working selflessly for the running of the Ashram. Participating in Ashram life both spiritually and physically as a karma yogi not only helps with its upkeep but fosters and deepens the values instilled by a yogic way of living. Our City Centres are also run on karma yoga principles and welcome teachers, administrators, cleaners, cooks, gardeners, designers and more!! Visit our Ashram and City Centre sites for details on their Karma Yoga Programmes.