Proper Exercise (Asana)

Yoga regards the body as a vehicle for the soul on its evolutionary journey. Accordingly, yogic physical exercises or asana, meaning steady pose in Sanskrit, are designed to develop not only the body but also the mind and spirit. Performed slowly and consciously, each asana is a physical exercise resulting in increased flexibility and strength, as well as an exercise in concentration and meditation.

Yogis understand that the body is as young as it is flexible and yoga asanas stretch the entire body, toning the muscles, joints, spine and skeletal system. The postures stimulate the internal organs and glands and invigorate and energise all bodily systems, including the nervous, circulatory and immune systems, resulting in radiant physical health.

On the mental level there is an increase in concentration, emotional balance, vitality, contentment, calmness and a sense of being grounded. And on a deeper level still the asanas expand our consciousness and awareness of our connection to the universe.

The benefits of practising asanas on all aspects of our physical health and mental and spiritual well-being are now universally acknowledged as far-reaching and wide-ranging.