Proper Relaxation (Savasana)

When the mind and body are continually overworked their efficiency diminishes. Relaxation is nature’s way of recharging. Yoga emphasises the importance of proper relaxation as a way to regulate our energy and create a sense of balance to enhance our physical and mental health. Three methods of relaxation are used by yogis—physical, mental and spiritual. For physical relaxation we lie in savasana (corpse pose) and use autosuggestion to send a message to each part of the body in turn to relax. To relax the mind we use the practices of pranayama, concentration of the mind and positive thinking. A distracted mind is always anxious. In spiritual relaxation we withdraw inwardly in the practice of meditation, detaching from our emotions and thoughts. We practise living in the present, welcoming life’s demands with strength and courage. Ultimately we are able to free ourselves from our identification with body and mind to identify with the Self or pure consciousness.