Workshops, Retreats, Programmes

Our Ashrams and City Centres offer an enormous and exciting range of retreats, courses and programmes on subjects and themes related to all aspects of yoga and meditation, as well as on health and well-being, science and spirituality, sacred culture and much more. Our courses are suitable for all yoga practitioners and ideal for yoga teachers and health professionals, offering an opportunity for personal practice combined with concise topics, specific teachings, workshops and lectures. Learn new ways of looking at life, relationships and work. Visit individual Ashram and City Centre sites for further details of some of the inspiring programmes on offer.

  • Juice Fasting and Detoxification
  • Courses, retreats and workshops on Ayurveda
  • Meditation and Positive Thinking Retreats
  • Mandalam (up to 41 days of intense sadhana)
  • Courses, retreats and workshops on physical health and mental well-being Vedic Astrology
  • Vedanta and Raja Yoga
  • Beginners /Intermediate and Advanced Yoga Courses
  • Permaculture and Sustainability
  • Yoga and Anatomy & Physiology
  • Food as Medicine
  • Vegetarian Cookery
  • Yoga of Devotion
  • Sacred Culture
  • Sacred Music and Dance