Introduction to Meditation – level 1

Meditation is considered the most important of all the Yoga techniques and is an invaluable tool for emotional balance and peace of mind.

INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION (level 1) provides step to step guidance for starting a meditation practice. It is designed for students who are new to meditation, as well as those who would like to renew their commitment to this practice or ground their current practice on a solid foundation.

Topics covered include:

  • What is meditation and what are the benefits?
  • How to start a meditation practice: The three fundamentals.
  • Meditation for beginners and tips for those who are returning practitioners
  • Mechanics of the mind: How the mind works and how meditation helps
  • Mantras as tools for meditation

This course consists of 5 sessions, 60-minutes each, meeting once a week.

Meditation 1 – Online
At times this course is adapted for online and may be conducted over the course of one week, meeting daily.