Kids & Teens

Kids’ Camp and Teens’ Camp held at our Ashrams combine the discipline of yoga with the fun of camp. The programmes teach children and teens respect for all religions, cultures and peoples, fostering a love and appreciation for nature and all living creatures. Yoga classes, meditation (quiet time), breathing exercises, Sanskrit chanting and talks on the principles of leading a joyful life are combined with games, outdoor adventure, creative arts, sport and trips outside. There is plenty of time for fun and relaxation all with the same goal of fostering the qualities of co-operation, respect and friendship. Participants are never bored. They are encouraged to explore every aspect of their lives, physical, mental and spiritual and just as importantly through a wide-range of activities, to share, to give, to have compassion, to broaden their minds and to develop discipline. They learn the value of karma yoga (selfless service) as they help to maintain the Ashram with their daily tasks. A certificate of participation is issued on completion of the course. In addition we offer wonderful and joyful Family Programmes at many of our Ashrams as well as children’s and teen classes at many of our City Centres.