Positive Thinking

A unique feature of the teaching in the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashrams & Centres, India are our yoga courses. Here, the asanas, pranayamas, and relaxation of classical hatha yoga are taught in a methodical way from scratch with one teacher, allowing students to gain confidence and learn at their own pace. This apr

It is not always easy to remain positive. What we perceive externally is a reflection of the quality and conditioning of our mind. If we are angry thenw e will find a reason to be angry about everything. If we are depressed, everything looks depressing, and so on. The whole world is a reflection of our mind. We may feel that the world is a big place and we have no control over it. We can even start to feel defeated by life. Yoga, and the techniques of Positive Thinking help us to regain clarity and a feeling of control of our own mind.

In this course we will learn many practical techniques for examining our own thoughts and slowly changing the quality of our thoughts, which will help lead us to meditation. The process of focusing inward reveals the patterns in our mind. If we are not aware of how the mind functions, we fall victim to it. We will also cover:

  • What is the mind?
  • The power of thoughts
  • Introduction to the four classical paths of yoga
  • Introduction to Vedanta philosophy

Positive Thinking is the practical part of meditation and the preparation for meditation. It is said that we fall into meditation as we fall into sleep. It is not entirely in our control. Swami Vishnudevananda emphasised that the two practices of Positive Thinking and Meditation must be taken together.

This course consists of 5 sessions, 60-minutes each, meeting once a week.

Positive Thinking – Online
At times this course is adapted for online and may be conducted over the course of one week, meeting daily.